Vintage and Unique Look of Cart Coffee Table Design

Cart coffee table is vintage furniture with unique design. If you are confused to decorate your living room, coffee table with cart design can be a great idea. Even though it comes with rustic look, this coffee table is able to blend with any furniture around. Moreover, this unique design might a focal point of the room that can enhance the décor.

Unique design of cart coffee table

Like the real cart, the table is made of wooden plates. The table top is designed with the joined planks. To give a rustic look, commonly, the woods are not painted but vanished to accentuate the natural pattern of the wood. Then, the table’s edges are embellished with wrought iron and metal bolts. The last is about the legs. Unlike the regular table that is completed with stabled legs at the each corner, this table uses iron wheels.

Advantages of coffee table designed in cart style

Because of its wheel legs, the table can be easy to move. So, if you want to redecorate your living room, you can relocate this coffee table conveniently. Then, if you choose the design with drawers, it can be used not only as the table, but also storage. You can store the books or magazine in the drawers.